Green BEAN Delivery is committed to providing fresh, flavorful foods free of additives and preservatives. We believe in supporting farmers and artisans who create products sustainably for the health of our community, local economy and the environment. We are proud of the foods we deliver, and we look forward to adding many more products as we expand our network of suppliers. For more information about our suppliers, see Farmers & Artisans.

Fresh Produce

All Green BEAN Delivery Members have a choice of five different Produce Bins. These bins vary by size and content, and their contents change every week to reflect the seasonal availability of fruits and vegetables. The contents can be changed by choosing from our complete list of produce the weekend before the scheduled delivery. You can even add produce to your bin a la carte when you need a little more. Some produce items are available in limited quantities, so they are only available as an addition to your bin.

Natural Groceries

Once you have chosen the produce bin that fits your needs, you can add grocery items such as eggs, milk and bread to your order. You can decide if you want these items with every order or with just one particular order. We offer a wide selection of grocery items and many unique local products from Midwest Food Artisans. Browse our online store to see our selection of all-natural, organic and local groceries.

Organic Bulk Products

Choose from a variety of grains, beans, rice, nuts, flour, dried fruits and more. Bulk Products reduce packaging and give you the ability to stock up on great, organic staples. Our Bulk Products list is always expanding, and we are always open to suggestions for new products.