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Natural & Organic Foods

We don’t carry just any groceries – they are some of the best organic and local produce, farm-fresh dairy, humanely-raised meat, sustainable seafood, and unique artisan foods available!

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Fruits & Veggies

  • Fruit, veggies & herbs
  • Organic & local options
  • Sustainably grown

Meat & Fish

  • Grass-fed beef & bison
  • Pasture-rasied poultry & pork
  • Wild-caught fish


  • Local freshly-baked breads
  • Delicious snacks & desserts
  • Gluten-free options

Dairy & Eggs

  • Farm-fresh local milk
  • Local eggs & cheeses
  • Dairy alternatives


  • Pasta, grains and beans
  • Soups, sauces and meals
  • On-the-go snacks

…Plus Much More!

  • Frozen and Bulk foods
  • Health & Home
  • Specialty diets

How it Works

Customize your orders and schedule freely to suit your needs. Subscribe to your shopping list essentials to save time and money. Try our Seasonal Produce Bins for new, curated produce recommendations every week!

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What Makes Us Different?

Green Bean helps your family free up time, shop wisely, and eat healthfully while supporting small businesses and local food banks.

Convenient Home Delivery

Shop Online - We'll deliver all your groceries safely to your doorstep.

Clean Eating Promise

Shop Confidently - All our food meets high standards. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Support Local Businesses

Shop Small - Your purchases support the livelihood of all our local vendors.

1-for-1 Food Donations

We donate a meal’s worth of fresh produce to local food banks for each order made.

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Our food is always free of artificial ingredients and unnatural preservatives. That's our Clean Eating Promise!

Local Vendors

We source the best local food from hundreds of farmers & artisans.

Gunthorp Farms

Lagrange, IN

Miller Farms

Orland, IN

Seven Sons

Roanoke, IN

Smoking Goose

Indianapolis, IN

Woodland Farms

Goshen, KY


People love what Green Bean brings to their table!

Thank you, Green Bean!!! ❤️❤️ I cried with gratitude when our delivery showed up today. We’ve pretty much only ever used Green Bean for produce, but we have someone with respiratory issues so it was such a blessing to not have to risk going to the store.

Abby B


I have been a customer of Green Bean for many years - Thank you and stay safe.

Kim S


So grateful for you all! It’s been such a blessing to have access to fresh produce and stay safe at home. 🤗

Maggie L


My family and I love Green Bean!! Thank you for continuing to deliver during this crisis! Thank you, thank you!

Sara Y


Thank you for working all those extra hours to get our orders to us. Love the pictures of GB staff. Great company. Thanks

Kay E


Thank you to all of you for working so hard to safely bring us food so we can stay in our homes. Please take care of yourselves and be safe!

Jennifer H


We are so thankful for the fantastic food and service and for supporting locally !! Praying for peace and health to continue to flood the Greenbean team!! ❤❤ THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!!

Veronica B


Thank you so much for all of your hard work! We very much appreciated our delivery last week. Y'all are the best!!!

Lana M


Thanks for your wonderful service and dedicated staff! Love all the products we receive and the attention to details provided by all!!

Nancy S


I don't know what I'd do without Green Bean Delivery!. I'm skipping next week to lighten your workload, but will continue supporting you.

Debbie M


So thankful for GBD over the years and especially now! It’s made it to where we didn’t worry about our food supply with the quarantine while still supporting our local food producers!

Kate G


Catherine Lavoie Long Just had my 30th delivery email!!! Thank you!! You have been great- always on schedule and always have my order correct!!! THANK YOU!!

Catherine L


Getting our box yesterday was a breath of fresh air after being at home for almost 2 weeks. You guys rock! Thanks for all you are doing in this crazy situation 🙂

Sheila B


With your support, we’ve donated over 1.3 million pounds of fresh produce to local food banks. See Our Impact

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