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About Us

What is Green BEAN Delivery?
Green BEAN is a subscription-based, grocery delivery service focused on providing the best selection of organic produce and thousands of natural and Midwest-produced groceries.
We’re an independent, family-owned company that exists to disrupt the food chain by making it more sustainable and diversified, one where independent producers can flourish. We shorten the food chain by working directly with hundreds of farmers and artisans so more of your food dollars support producers, not middlemen. Plus, we give away a meal’s worth of fresh food for every order placed with Green BEAN to fight hunger in our communities.

Our procurement department rigorously screens all potential products based on these three questions:

  1. Is it all-natural? We carry only foods that are free from artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats.
  2. Is it independent? We seek to support independent food producers and growers, first in the Midwest and then beyond.
  3. Is it organic? We privilege organically-grown food which automatically means foods that are free from synthetic pesticides and are non-GMO.

While not all products meet all three priorities, we will not even consider carrying a product if it’s not all-natural. To learn more, see our Clean Store Promise.

The majority of our produce is Certified Organic. However, many local producers use sustainable farming practices without obtaining organic certification. We value transparency so we label all produce in the store as OG (Certified Organic), SG (Sustainably-Grown), or CV (Conventional). Members can customize their orders to shop for the type of produce they would like to receive.


You can set the basis of your subscription in two ways: 1) Build your own subscription by setting up your own recurring GreenList, or 2) Select a produce bin of hand-selected, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Or, you can do both!

This isn’t just any subscription service though. We provide a balanced mix of scheduled orders with maximum flexibility. No matter how your subscription is set up, you can get in and edit it exactly to your liking for your next scheduled delivery. You can always add more produce or groceries to your order no matter which subscription basis you’ve chosen.

Select products have loyalty discounts available. When you subscribe to an item with a loyalty discount, you'll be rewarded with a lower price on that item!

Bins are a type of Green Bean subscription. When you subscribe to a bin, it will enable your delivery schedule, which will automatically create an order for you every 1 or 2 weeks. Orders will start pre-filled with a curated selection of seasonal items (depending on subscription), and you can add/remove items to make your order perfect.

Loyalty Discounts are a reward for subscribing to an applicable product. In exchange for your ongoing loyalty to certain products (by subscribing to them), we are able to offer lower prices on those items.

Items with a loyalty discount are noted in the store with a green recurring arrow icon. To receive the discount, simply subscribe to the item from its product detail page, and the discount will appear the next time it's added to an order.

Our prices are comparable to other natural food stores, with the added benefit of home delivery.

Minimum orders are $20. Our delivery fees are the lowest among online grocery services:

  • Free - Orders over $65
  • $2.99 – Orders $35 - $64.99
  • $4.99 – Orders $20 - $34.99

No. The Green BEAN service provides maximum flexibility. You can flip weeks on or off as needed to receive a delivery when you want it. Your delivery schedule is editable up to 12 weeks in advance. Orders just have to be customized or suspended by the before the order close deadline (generally 10AM the day before delivery).


We deliver Tuesdays through Fridays from 12:00p – 7:00p. We structure delivery routes based on customers’ home address in order to deliver orders in a timely manner while minimizing our carbon footprint. Your address determines the delivery day options you can choose from for your subscription. If we’re delivering to a business, accommodations may be made to ensure delivery before closing.

It depends. For some higher density routes, we may be able to provide multiple options for your delivery day. You would be able to see this under your “deliveries” tab under “subscription options.” Otherwise, your delivery day is available 1 day per week based on your address.

Each order is packed with ice packs in insulated, reusable green bins. They are delivered on refrigerated trucks and will stay fresh after delivery for 8 – 12 hours in cold and heat.

Nope. Our reusable bins make it possible for us to deliver your order to your designated location (front door, back door, etc), and you can just bring it in when you get home.

Once you’ve unpacked your order, just leave the ice pack in the bin and place it outside the day of your next delivery. We'll even recycle any brown or clear bag packaging you leave in the bin. When we bring your next order, we’ll swap them out with your new order. If you decide the service isn’t for you, you can contact Member Services to schedule a bin pick-up.

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